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Beta Simon

22 Dec 2016 0 comments Live, Release

Beta Simon - Singer-songwriter, storyteller and master of proverbs from the Ivory Coast, Beta Simon expresses the richness of his culture through his songs. Sung in Bété, (his mother tongue,) Moré, Sénoufo, Dioula, and Wolof, these songs have catapulted him beyond the borders of the Ivory Coast, and made him a seminal West African artist. His fascination with language has also led him to develop his own, called Baıs ̈ sadé, which he uses as the foundation of many of his compositions. It's the language of nature, reminiscent of bird calls, the whistling winds, flowing water, rugged mountains, and the innocence and tenderness of animals. After four previous albums and numerous live performances, his fifth release, Soupe De Pierres (2011), was nominated for the 2012 Victoires du Reggae, and took 3rd place behind Alpha Blondie for African Reggae Album of the Year. Beta Simon dedicates himself to the exploration of the roles of music in all aspects of our existence. Realizing the meditative, healing, procreative, and inspirational powers of music, Beta endeavors and avails spreading love, joy, and harmony through his songs.

“I want to do something good every day, because it reflects through all things.” “Do I want to be great or famous? It is not this. My idea is to do good things that will have an effect forever. Good comes from good. What kind of seed I plant today, this is my preoccupation. If I plant the good seed today, I can be sure that I will find a good tree in the future.” “If life is a road, I prefer to plant a flower on my road, so that one day when I'm not there someone can come along and see that flower and be happy.” “Plant the seed of Good Vibes – plant just one and you will see – imagine how many seeds you will get from the tree.”

Beta Simon - Bozoua

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