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10 Dec 2019 0 comments

TrinityFM "Elephants & Astronauts" EP Audio Surprise / Believe Digital Release on Friday 10.01.2020

Good things take time... This is how the genesis of this release can be summed up - after all, it's been several years since the successful producers of Duptribe (Sasa Mlinarevic and Felix Retter) teamed up with singer and songwriter Borna Cesljarevic to create "The Sound of Silence", a big piece of timeless pop music with electronic influences - and to reinterpret it enriched with modern sounds and effects.

With this number you not only met the 12'' of the DJ _ record boxes, but could also continue to be among the Top 5 of 2800 submissions of a Establish VIVA & BMG's young talent competition. This was followed by the No. 1 placement in the German Club Charts, as well as several "Hotel Costes" releases (one of the world's most successful compilation series).

Enough experimentation!

Here is the first TrinityFM EP with 3 unreleased songs from the "Antz" album of the trio, which will be released in 2020. A piece of mature, electronic pop music for young adults. The combination of avant-garde material from the 60's and 70's, supplemented with current elements of the Down Beat, Trip Hop scene defines the musical framework. This sound variety - elegantly linked and brought into harmony - in connection with Bornas charismatic voice characterizes the typical TrinityFM sound. Contemporary and timeless at the same time!

Welcome to the TrinityFM Cosmos!

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