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23 Dec 2016 0 comments

M.O.C. Paoli - Matangi  Audio Surprise / Believe Digital / Soulfood

A creative musician, producer and DJ, Paoli emerged out of the Goa Trance
scene in the late 70s, having lived in India for many years, before relocating to Ibiza in 1981, where he currently resides. Widely recognized as one of the pioneers of this genre, his music is known world wide. He is the founder of cult movements such as Cosmic Tramp and Plasma Pleasure, composing and producing together with former band member Bernhard Weimer of Third Ear Music, based in Ibiza. Paoli's insatiable curiosity has always pushed him to explore the vast array of modern electronic music, and his thirst for originality and innovation has moved him to expand the boundaries of his artistic knowledge, leading him to the long-awaited release of his first solo album: M.O.C Paoli - Matangi, in September 2015. Highly regarded as one of the most finely tuned ears in Ibiza, he is the mastermind behind the most popular Bambuddha Grove compilations. He has also compiled Blue Flame Records head-boppers: Aphrodissimo 1 & 2, and collaborated in countless other international productions. Ever the eclectic DJ, Paoli is currently mixing various genres: Lounge, Ethnic Fusion, Afro, Latin Funk, Dub/n Reggae and Deep-Duby Tech House. Having just terminated a 12 year residency at Bambuddha Grove in Ibiza, he is now ready for a new adventurous professional challenge.
M.O.C. Paoli - Matangi
Matangi my latest and long awaited CD was supposed to set Sails for a Funky
Electronic Journey.  In the 1& half year process of working intensively in
the Recording Studio with Bernhard Weimer at Third Ear Studio Ibiza, my Life
Partner Matangi passed unexpected away on a Spiritual Journey in India, that rocked my Life to the max ! As the sadness crept in deeper, so the Music transformed. For the Funky side check out Akar Akar & Dancehall Wicked & for the other side of the Coin Rainy Day ( Bardo Mix ) & Bringing Marta Home.
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M.O.C. Paoli 

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